WHO can join the PTA? Parents, Grandparents, Friends...anyone!

WHEN can I join? Any time, but why not TODAY!

WHAT is my commitment? Only $8.00.  No volunteering time required.

WHY should I join? For so many reasons, for starters...

Be in the know: Get info about school and community happenings.

Be a role model: Show your child that you value education.

Be an advocate: Support important issues that impact your child.

The PTA motto: Every child. One voice.

This year let's live up to our motto! Be a voice for a child. Join today!  

Help us reach our goal of 800 members! If you are a 2 adult household or want to sign up a grandparent or friend, please complete the form once per adult membership.

Being a PTA member at Brier Creek Year-Round Elementary also gives you membership to National PTA and your state PTA. You are eligible for all exclusive PTA member benefits and you know your voice is being heard at all levels.  Please include your email so you don't miss out on important communications.

 Thank you for joining the Brier Creek PTA!  

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